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A Special Treat

In my April 12 blogpost, I explained that I would be retiring soon, and with retirement I would be retiring the CWA Blog at the end of May. In that post, I referenced a special treat for my readers.

Attached is my CWA Digest. I started it in 1990 as a tool to quickly access important case law and have maintained it ever since save for 2014, when I took a break from the law to build a house. It covers most of the cases interpreting the CWA and is organized by subject matter. The table of contents will guide you. It also provides the relevant statutory and regulatory references as well as FR notices, guidance documents, etc. It's in Word, so you can easily search terms and cut-and-paste. The few who have used it in the past have found it very useful, and I think you will too. I use it almost daily in my practice.

CAVEATS: Be sure to read inside the front cover to understand the limitations of the document. As noted above, it's missing most of 2014 and the table of contents is also incomplete. The references on the cover page are sections within the Digest that are not picked up by the table of contents. In short, it's a 31-year-old, 882-page draft. Treat it as such.

The Digest is in the state it's in because it's always been a sideline activity for me to keep track of caselaw. I've never devoted myself to trying to finish it for publication. I may get around to cleaning it up and continuing to update it, but for now, this is what I have. And here it for the first time for the world to see. I shared it with EPA and DOJ attorneys when I was at EPA, but I've kept it to myself since leaving the agency in 2014 and I've never broadly released it outside of the government. It is, in a sense, my professional life's work. Enjoy.

CWA Digest 5.4.21
Download DOCX • 1.71MB

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